E-waste management

The National Green Corps (Eco Club) – NGC organized the establishment of an E-Waste Collection Centre in the college campus on 27 September 2023, in collaboration with Swachhta Action Plan (SAP). Eight bins for the disposal of various categories of E-waste have been placed within the college campus. Contributions both from staff members as well as students are welcome. The services of GPS International, an e-Waste Management Company, located in Jaipur, were used. Bins have been provided for the collection of computer-based parts, such as PCB, MB, graphic card, green cards, keyboard, mouse, mobile, wires. Additional bins for the collection of metallic items such as HDD, cases, fans, other electric items, TV, Fridge, AC and burnt electronic items were placed.

The waste collected will be separated, monitored, and collected by GPS International members once a month or as required. The waste will be examined, and a green certificate will be provided on the basis of the amount of E-Waste collected. An agreement was reached to not have any monetary exchange for this service, keeping in mind the importance of spreading awareness about the hazards of e-Waste and their harmful effects on the environment and on human life.