Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science, established in 2018, aims to carry forward the legacy of academic excellence of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. Incorporating a strong interdisciplinary emphasis in the structure and design of its prescribed syllabi, the Honors programme fosters a systematic and scientific understanding of political systems, policy making, government procedures and theories and practices of international politics. Besides regular classroom teaching, home assignments, tutorials, seminars, term papers and class presentations, the department engages in organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums, group discussions and guest lectures to promote the expansion of knowledge horizons and equip the students for fruitful careers and leadership roles. The students are also exposed to the prospects of pursuing careers in civil services, higher education and research, journalism, law and governance at the national and international level.
The department organises three days annual academic festival called ‘Exordium: A Political Discourse’ in which students get opportunities to participate in various competitions. The students also get the opportunity to publish their articles and research papers related to variety of subjects relevant to political science in particular and social sciences in general in the annual department magazine ‘JANMAT’.


To become a world class centre of excellence for instruction, research and extension activities in political sphere and to actively engage in addressing challenges at national and international level.


To deliver best instruction in the discipline, covering its theoretical and methodological complexities, while using innovative pedagogy.
To prepare students to seek and build new knowledge in the spirit of truth and justice and to interpret it in the light of contemporary needs.



  • To inculcate leadership qualities among the youth to stand by the down trodden and to be the ‘voice of the voiceless.
  • To provide students with in-depth information and intellectual skills to relate with global concerns and challenges in the realm of politics, political processes, and political ideas.
  • To inspire the next generation to believe in peaceful coexistence and the ethos of unity in diversity. 
  • To help them build a sense of accommodation and universal brotherhood.
  • To help them seek and build new knowledge in the spirit of truth and help to interpret it in the light of contemporary needs.
  • To develop rational thinking, so that students understand the importance of freedom and cherish the values enshrined in Indian constitution.
  • To develop academic proficiency and analytical skills, including the ability to think critically.
  • To provide opportunities to link theory and practice and to apply knowledge and skills for problem-solving. 
  • To develop academic proficiency and to increase the prospects of employability in Government and Private sector.
  • To develop student’s ability to compare diverse political systems around the world and to instill the idea of Global citizenship.

A Message from HOD

Dr Meeta Sharma



Welcome to the Department of Political Science at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur!
Politics occurs at the level of local, state and international organizations; in parliaments and bureaucracies; in political parties, pressure groups, and social movements; in interactions between states; and across international borders. It involves questions of power and justice; identity; the distribution of resources; and inclusion and exclusion. Politics influences how we face challenges such as climate change, international conflict, racism, gender discrimination, the marginalization of indigenous peoples etc. By studying Political Science, we gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and dynamics that shape our societies. We learn how political systems operate, how policies are formulated and implemented, and how individuals can actively participate in shaping their communities. Additionally, studying Political Science equips us with critical thinking and analytical skills that are valuable in various professional fields such as law, public administration, diplomacy, and advocacy. The Department of Political Science was established in 2018. The department seeks to achieve excellence and distinction in teaching and research by transmitting knowledge and understanding that are needed to transform the society. The members of the department are motivated to deliver quality teaching and carry out research in several areas. We are committed to providing our students with all-rounded education that goes beyond the classroom. The encouraged to critically think, analyse, discuss and debate through the Xavier Constitution Club (XCC). Through our XCC Club, we aim to foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. The department offers extended learning by organizing workshops, group discussions, expert lectures, social extension activities, academic and cultural fest ‘Exordium’, and the publication of the department magazine ‘Janmat’. Students get a chance to network with professionals, engage in thought-provoking discussions, or participate in cultural events. Our students have gone on to have a successful career in diverse fields, including public service, the media, political parties, businesses, and research institutions.
We believe in fostering a sense of community and encourage collaboration among our students, faculty, and alumni. The department takes pride in providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all students.


Head of the Department

Dr Meeta Sharma


Vidvaan ID: 353935

Assistant Professor

Dr Denny Shaji

Ph.D., M.Phil, MA (POL. SCI.), MA (ENGLISH), B.Ed., LLB, NLP Diploma

Assistant Professor

Dr Mamta Pareek


Vidvaan ID: 353937

Assistant Professor

Mr Surendra Singh Chauhan


Vidvaan ID: 354024