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Established in 2010 with only the Undergraduate course and commencing the Postgraduate course in 2014, the Department of English at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, has carved out a distinct position for itself regarding literature and creative expression. With a highly proficient faculty that plays a dynamic role in the student’s development, the department’s results have been exceptional. In addition, the department’s research cell encourages innovative and original explorations in the multifaceted field of literature and related disciplines, organising national- and international-level conferences and symposiums with enthusiasm, and both the teachers and students regularly participate in similar prestigious conferences all across India. Along with research, the department nurtures creativity and artistic expression as well, allowing students to exhibit their talents through platforms such as department magazine and the literary fest Inka. Academically, the faculty actively engages with the syllabus and course material to make it more accessible and comprehensive for the students, fostering a rich literary appreciation and intellectual discussion environment. This is coupled with a practical approach targeted towards competitive exams, which makes the overall learning both pragmatic and enjoyable. The college’s infrastructure is conducive to this, offering an expansive campus, a vast and efficient library that contains needful books, and an agreeable space for studying. The department also organises numerous seminars, guest lectures and alumni interactions, inviting notable experts from a wide range of disciplines for the students’ benefit; these sessions usually conclude with a question-and-answer round, which adds to the knowledge of both students and teachers. Moreover, the department aims at the holistic development of an individual, fostering critical thinking, analytical skills and inclusivity, and the faculty’s approachable and supportive nature is highly conducive to the student’s personal development and exploration of their potential.

In summation, the Department of English at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, offers its students an effectively stimulating and invigorating environment, wherein they can recognise and work upon their strengths and follies, along with gaining practical and constructive knowledge, and consistently develop their literary and research aptitude.


To sensitize young minds through literature in order to create a just, inclusive and humane society.


To foster the spirit of MAGIS. To awaken the sensibilities of the youth through diverse literatures. To cultivate an aptitude for research and promote academic excellence. To enlighten the students towards the significance of varied narratives and their expressions for an equitable world order .



  • To inculcate critical thinking and analytical approach .
  • To create a conducive environment for research through innovative teaching pedagogy.
  • To enhance linguistic and communication skills of the students.
  • To develop employability skills by providing multiple platforms to hone their talents.

A Message from HOD

Dr. Rama Hirawat

Dr Rama Hirawat



The Department of English endeavors to impart wholesome and holistic knowledge to its students pursuing graduate and postgraduate courses. We not only aim to disseminate subject – specific comprehensive knowledge in the minutest detail, but also strive to provide conceptual clarity and in-depth understanding of their academic arena in the true spirit of Xavierian tradition. We aim to guide and aid students to put their best foot forward in order to make the best use of their valuable time and youthful energy, in acquiring optimum knowledge and skills. Learning is complete only if it results in character building and therefore, all-round development of the students is always paramount in our mind. We seek to offer our scholars a pleasant learning setup in a harmonious environment, thus making it a memorable learning experience for them. The department aims to provide to our students a strong knowledge base to empower and help them succeed in their careers and face challenges with vigor and confidence thus nurturing them into the finest citizens and true global leaders through its department fest Inka, department magazine Literati, Rev. Dr Fr Sebastian Anand Memorial Lecture, Lecture Series, Perception-PPT Competition, Proscenium-where students enact plays being studied by them. The department offers a plethora of opportunities for students to explore and strengthen their skills to become job ready after they graduate. The department firmly believes in the trinity of competence, character and compassion.


Dr. Rama Hirawat

Head of the Department

Dr Rama Hirawat


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Assistant Professor

Dr Ranjit Kaur


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Assistant Professor

Dr Atiqa Kelsy


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Assistant Professor

Dr Shruti Rawal

Ph.D., MA (ENGLISH) Gold Medalist , UGC-NET and JRF (ENGLISH)

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Assistant Professor

Dr Akanksha Johar

Ph.D., MA (English), PGDHR

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Assistant Professor

Mr Rohan Thomas Cherian

B.A. Hons. English (Rajasthan University), M.A. English (Rajasthan University), NET

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