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RDC Committees

Dean – Research & Development Cell

Fr. Dr. M. Amaldass SJ

Research Programme Policy Development (RPPD) Committee

Formulation and periodic revision of research policy based on the global needs and the recommendation of UGC forms the primary objective of RPPD committee. It also develops guidelines for the research programmes and PhD programmes.


Finance and Infrastructure Committee 

It plans the budget for its various programmes. It also works on improving the physical infrastructure, such as space, equipment, research tools and library facilities.


Collaboration and Community 

This committee would identify, and facilitate making MoUs with relevant HEIs, Industry and NGOs. It would also keep studying the local and national community needs and advice the RPPD committee to redirect its research goals.


Product, Development, Monitoring, Commercialization Committee 

This committee would identify the research output that is marketable and provide support to the research in converting the research finding into suitable product/technology. It would identify the entrepreneur to commercial product/technology.


IPR, Legal and Ethical Matters 

This committee would identify research output that are patentable and provide support to the researcher in the patent filing process. It would also develop guidelines for ethical practices in research and ensure that the research carried out as per the guidelines.