Department of Psychology

Student Achievements

Muskan Malkani, Batch: 2020-23

Department Topper of BA Psychology Hons. II Year with 85%.
Muskan Malkani is academically oriented and motivated to succeed, which is visible in several ways, including her academic outcomes. She was able to secure the highest marks for several papers during her education in BA Honors in Psychology in St. Xavier’s College Jaipur. 

During her time in the college, Muskan conceptualized and analyzed theoretical aspects of theory during her research on internet addiction and its impact on sleep patterns. The paper was ultimately presented at St. Xavier’s annual National Symposium 2022, where it was awarded for best presentation.

Besides her academic excellence, she showed interest and initiative in various social and organizational activities associated with intra and inter-college events. These included being a part of a team responsible for conducting a national-level online quizzing event for high school students and organizing a departmental fest involving participants from various schools and colleges. Muskan’s roles included creating written content, promoting events, pitching to secure sponsorships, and conducting the event as master of ceremony.

Such skills and excellent qualities are what contributed to her selection for Masters in Psychology from University of Manchester, England in the United Kingdom.

Khushi Dudee, Batch: 2020-23

Won silver medal in open national taekwondo championship, Best performance award trophy from Speak up world foundation (NGO),  Medal in Tuff Man Jaipur Marathon by Indian Oil.

Khushi Dudee is a passionate and well-rounded individual with a strong commitment to helping others and a love for animals. She completed her schooling at Delhi Public School Jaipur with a humanities stream, where she was actively involved in NCC and various clubs. She then went on to graduate with honors in psychology from St. Xavier’s College Jaipur, where she continued to participate in social work activities in nearby rural areas.

Khushi’s love for horses and dogs is evident in her hobbies, which include horse riding and spending time with animals. She is also a voracious reader, with a particular interest in fiction books. These interests help her to relax and de-stress after a long day, and also help her to learn and grow as a person.

In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Khushi is also passionate about helping others. She has always been passionate about providing necessary resources to those in need, and she has participated in many social work activities during her college years. She is also a compassionate animal lover who is always ready to help animals in need.

Currently, Khushi is working as a management trainee at White Elephant Jaipur, where she is gaining valuable experience in the corporate world. She is also preparing for competitive exams, with the goal of pursuing a career in public service. She is determined to use her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on society and help others in need.

Palak Dixit, Batch: 2020-23

Palaq Dixit has always been interested in human behaviour, which was what drove her to pursue an education in the field of psychology. She realized that she was well suited for the subject during her bachelors program in St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. She learned a lot about event organisation from her post of Assistant Coordinator of the Xavier’s Intellectual Forum during the term 2021-22.

After she graduated in the year 2023, she decided to pursue her Masters of Science in Applied Psychology with specialisation in the field of Business Psychology from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai.

She has also worked with an NGO called Sama Jeeva, based in Bangalore and headed their Media Team, which sparked her interest in Digital Marketing, which hse wishes to explore further.

Apart from academics, her interests lie in singing and songwriting, she has also released her first single recording in March, 2023.

Jesbina Deffin Mathew, Batch: 2020-23

Jesbina Deffin Mathew was an enthusiastic participant in various college activities, particularly in the Xavier’s Music Society where she served as the President (2021-22) and Vice President (2022-23). She demonstrated a varied range of musical talents in designing, leading and presenting musical performances for numerous college level and also inter-college and national level events. As a leader, she provided opportunities for the band to work together and was able to win various intercollege awards. Her aptitude for music also has received recognition with the help of an award for excellence in music as part of the curriculum.

Her cheerful nature and openness to peers and teachers alike is an impressive strength that makes her surroundings lively. Her natural skills, interest in Psychology and determination to succeed got her  selected for the Master of Science in Psychology Program in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridgeshire, located in the United Kingdom.

Tarisha Badaya, Batch: 2020-23

Tarisha Badaya is pursuing an MSc in Neuropsychology from CHRIST (Deemed to be) University, Bangalore. She graduated from BA (Hons) Psychology from St Xavier’s, Jaipur in 2023. As an undergraduate student, Tarisha helped organize departmental events, participated in research projects each year, and was part of the Magazine committee for two years.

Additionally, she was a social media intern for The Social Therapist on Instagram and also Vivekananda Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Jaipur. Tarisha chose Neuropsychology because of her love for the brain and its dynamic relationship with emotions, behavior, and the environment. She found neuropsychology to be the bridge between her interest in science and social science.

Currently she enjoys studying neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, neurobiological basis of lifespan development, and neurological disorders. Her aim is to conduct research in the future, the focus of which she is still exploring.

Aish Kaur Sidhu, Batch: 2021-24

Department Topper of BA Psychology Hons. I Year with 86.16%

Vasundhara Purawat, Batch: 2020-23

Team for Best Paper Presentation in National Symposium.

Tanaina Mudkavi, Batch: 2021-24

Gold+Elite Certificate in Swayam Course on Body Language.

Yash Mathur, Batch: 2022-25

Gold+Elite Certificate in Swayam Course on Body Language.