Fifth Dr. Sapna Newar Memorial Lecture

Date: 15 December 2023

The Department of Economics at St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, organized its fifth Dr.
Sapna Nevar Memorial Lecture on the topic “Digital Rupee and its Impact on the
Indian Economy,” by Dr. Oum Kumari R, Assistant Professor at Jaipuria Institute of
Management. The one hour session took place in Room No. 332, and was attended by
28 students, with an additional 10 attendees, including both staff and students of other
departments, who joined the session virtually.
The program commenced with a warm welcome from our emcees, followed by an
introduction and heartfelt remembrance of our former Head of the Department by the
current HOD, Ms. Poorvi Medatwal.
Prof. S. Xaviers SJ, Principal of St. Xavier’s College Jaipur, then shared a few words
about the importance of such lectures and gave a welcome address to the speaker of
the session.
Dr. Oum Kumari R’s lecture smoothly delved into the impact of the digital rupee on
the Indian economy, shedding light on recent developments. Participants grasped
insights into the transformative changes in the global financial ecosystem with the rise
of digital currencies. Given the global adoption of digital currencies, the lecture
emphasized evaluating the potential implications of this shift, especially concerning
the Indian Rupee.
During the interactive session, participants posed queries, receiving satisfactory
responses. The program was deemed a success and received positive feedback from
participants, highlighting its organizational excellence, helpful organizers, content
satisfaction, and high ratings for resource persons. Participants reported substantial
knowledge enhancement, taking away various concepts and understanding the impact
of digital money.

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Topic: Fifth Dr. Sapna Newar Memorial Lecture
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